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Mother & Child

Early Education Begins at the Infant Stage

At Ballancrest Academy at Blakeney in Charlotte, North Carolina, education is always our main focus, regardless of your child's age. Infancy is an amazing time in your child's life. We strive to attend to their every need and listen to you as the parent, so you will feel comfortable with us. Our infant child care classroom follows an early education curriculum as outlined by the NC Foundation for Early Learning and Development. Infant lessons prepare your child for their journey to the walking to Early Preeschool. As defined by the NC Foundation, we structure our infant activities on the following five domains:

• Cognitive Development
• Emotional and Social Development
• Health and Physical Development
• Language Development and Communication
• Play and Learning

Individual Lessons

Our infant curriculum revolves around the growth and development of your child by creating strong bonds and learning through play. Understanding how a child learns is essential to providing them with the tools and nurturing environment to develop. The Lead Infant Teacher creates individual lessons for your child on a monthly basis. We share with you the planned activity for your child and the reasoning or goal behind it so you can be actively involved in their early education.

Classroom Schedule

As we all know, there is no such thing as a typical day with an infant. The schedule is determined by your child with a little guidance from us. Every day we take your infant outside for a walk, to the playground, or for their water daily during the summer. Inside, we begin their lifelong learning and communication process through various forms of interaction. Typical daily activities include:

• Be Held
• Be Smiled At
• Experience New Objects and Textures
• Be Exposed To American Sign Language

• Music Stimulation
• Be Read To
• Tummy Time

Learning Room and Playground

Classroom Features

Our infant classroom is just as fun as our other areas. Infants deserve to have fun, too, and not just be confined to a crib all day. The infant classroom features play centers such as:

• Blocks • Cozy Corner • Dramatic Play • Manipulatives • Science • Sensory


Another important aspect of infancy is the gradual diet change and introduction of new foods. Our teachers help your child comprehend and understand finger and table foods. Healthy menu items are prepared with love by our private chef.