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Developing Gross Motor Skills During Terrific Twos

At Ballancrest Academy at Blakeney in Charlotte, North Carolina, we don't think the twos are so terrible. In fact, this age is a wonderful yet challenging time in your child's life as they develop gross motor skills, learn to share, experience group play, and begin potty training. Drawing on the experiences gained in our early preschool classroom, we encourage your child's curiosity to explore and learn new things in an attempt to prepare them for the advanced, science-based curriculum in our preschool classroom.


Early Preschoolers are extremely independent. As they become aware of social behavior, they realize there is life beyond their own little world. Our Early Preschool Teacher plans weekly thematic lessons centered around our ScienceStart! curriculum with a focus on the five domains of the NC Foundation for Early Learning and Development. The planned classroom activities are motivated by the typical milestones of a preschooler with the incorporation of group play. Your child will be taught the following:

• Communication
• Group Play
• Language Development
• Potty Training
• Sharing

Learning Centers

It is our goal to foster development, curiosity, and exploration of the world in our early preschool classroom. While hitting childhood milestones, we also want to prepare your child for the future ahead. This is done through our learning centers, which offer fine and gross motor activities, including:

• Art
• Mathematics
• Music
• Pre-Writing

• Science Exploration


Our Lead Two's Teacher conducts informal and formal assessments of your child's growth and development. Advancements and milestones are shared with you during our quarterly parent-teacher conferences.

Play Area and Learning Area