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At Ballancrest Academy at Blakeney, our main focus truly is the children and providing them with a solid educational foundation to grow and thrive. Our learning center offers a fun, yet impressive curriculum that allows their minds to expand with knowledge. The passion we have for our profession is evident in the endorsements from some of our parents, past and present.

"Ballancrest is like a family that truly cares about all of their children. It started even before our daughter came to school -- the Director emailed me on my due date just to "check in" and see how things were going! They are always truly happy to see our daughter and make a real effort to ensure she has a great day every day. Communication is always excellent from both the teachers and the Director, which is so important at a daycare!" - Infant Parent Since 2016

"Leaving my first born child for the first time on her first day of daycare (at 12 weeks old) was one of the hardest days of my life. From the moment I handed her over though, the wonderful staff at Ballancrest made me feel at ease. I could see the love and concern they had for each individual child, and I knew in my heart we were in the right place for our family. The infant room teachers had a way of making me feel like Jordyn was the only infant in the room - always keeping me informed and engaged in Jordyn's development. Pretty soon, Jordyn was jumping out of my arms and into theirs. I could see that the love went both ways and my heart was at ease about our decision to enroll her here. In fact, in December we moved and it is now a 15 minute drive to Ballancrest each day - we pass plenty of other daycare/preschools on our way - but we wouldn't even consider leaving the comfort of our Ballancrest Academy family. Now that we are in the toddler room, Jordyn asks to go to daycare each day. She enjoys seeing her friends, whom she has grown with since infanthood, and genuinely loves her teachers. They provide her with the perfect balance of education, encouragement and snuggles. I see my daughter developing into an active, explorative toddler and I cannot wait to watch her grow and learn through preschool age at Ballancrest. And one day, whe she has a little sister or brother, there is no question that we will be enrolling him/her at Ballancrest as well!" - Pam Downs, Ballancrest Parent Since 2013

"As both a teacher and parent at Ballancrest Academy, I can truly say that this is a quality education. Professionally, I love the science based curriculum which allows my students to explore a variety of topics in a hands on manner. They really enjoy the literature that coincides with this curriculum, and have become very fond of reading. Also, I appreciate the flexibility that we are allowed in our lesson plans, so that I can put to practice the age appropriate tasks of individual leaners. Having the freedom to really seize those teachable moments is one of my favorite parts of this job! As a parent of a toddler who is enrolled here at Ballancrest, I would trust none other than these incredible woman and men! They have guided me through the first year of my son's life with such ease and support, all the while working one on one with him as he accomplished milestone after exciting milestone! The overall feeling here at Ballancrest Academy is one of love, support and pride. From the lessons planned with each student in mind by the teachers, to the lifelong friendships that are fostered among the families, this is truly an exceptional experience for your child!" - Lead Teacher and Parent Since 2011

"Ballancrest Academy has been a wonderful school for our three children. The staff and teachers in every room are very caring and attentive. We have been so impressed with the curriculum and topics covered, and have enjoyed hearing our children tell us about the new things they are learning every day. The teachers are clearly passionate about educating their classes, and material is presented in creative ways to capture attention and encourage creativity. Thanks to Ballancrest we are confident that our 4 year old will be more than prepared for kindergarten next year, and our younger two have a safe and fun place to continue to grow." - Brooke Keoppel, Ballancrest Parent Since 2010